Start A Career In Video Game Design

If you are thinking of what to do for a career and you have an interest in animation, then you should consider video game design. This is an industry that is booming at an incredible rate and shows no signs of slowing down. In the past twenty years, there have been incredible advances in the video game design industry and you could be a part of it.

In only a few decades, there have been barriers broken that could never have been dreamed of in the past. Video games are so realistic now that you feel as though you are actually in the game. You can play a racing game and feel as though you are in the Indy 500 or play a war game and get a good glimpse into what World War Two was really like. The possibilities are endless but people are needed to come up with these ideas and innovations.

There are a few things that are needed in order to have a successful career in video game design. First of all, you need to have an interest in video games. You will be able to use all of the knowledge you have gained from years of gaming to your advantage. It is quite difficult to find a video game that is one hundred percent original. Most games borrow tricks and tips from other games and incorporate them into their own.

Therefore, if you have an extensive knowledge of video games, you will be able to use these tricks in your favor. Another important factor is an interest in computers, specifically animation. Video games are all produced on computers, so you will need to have a firm understanding of programming and animation. So if you have an interest in video games and a basic knowledge of animation, then you are set to begin the path of becoming a video game designer.

The next step would be to capitalize on your pre-existent skills. This can be accomplished by enrolling in a course that deals with video game design. These courses will be able to take the skills that you currently have and turn them into talents. Talents that prospective employers will be pleased to see.

You will be able to learn about every aspect of video game design. This includes all of the animation, development and concept of video games. You will not only be given the skills to create a video game but also how to plan it out and make it interesting to the gamer. Since this market is so gigantic, you need to have a good idea if you want your game to sell. With a course in video game design, you will have the ability to create a game that will fly off the shelves.

A lot of people think that making a video game is strictly done on computers. However, this is only part true. A large portion of the development of the game is done in the mind. You need to have the ability to visualize the finished product in your head before even beginning to program it. These types of courses will be able to train your mind to work ahead of your body to achieve the best results.

Another advantage of video game design is that it is a market that is guaranteed to stay strong. People of all ages are interested in video games today and the numbers continue to grow. So if you have an interest in video games and some computer knowledge, take the steps towards making video game design your rewarding career.

The Future Of Video Game Rentals

If you are fond of video games but reluctant to buy all the newest flooding titles in the market, well here is the good news for you. Now you can have video games on rent from the video game rental company without the need of investing your hard earned pocket money.

As the gaming industry matures up the video game rental companies are also beginning to rise. Companies like GameFly and GottaPlay are providing their customers with top quality services and hassle free game playing experience. In this article we shall take you through each of these services provide by them.

Gamefly is the very first video game rental company which comes into view in early 2003. The founders of the company were able to discover the niche where there was high demand for the newest and the classic gaming titles were growing and so were there costs.

Sean Spector and Jung Suh who were also the founders of GameFly felt the frustration amongst the hardcore game players due to the lack of verity of the gaming titles available in the market. It was the time when they decided quit their full time jobs to become the biggest game provider of the world within three years. It was an innovative idea to provide online based game rental services to the video game lovers.

Gamefly is the company who has always taken the viewpoint of the passionate game players around the world. Thus they were able to produce set of services which were just as easy and flexible for them. This is what made them become the base of all the online game rental services. What follow are there primary features:

The video game players want an easy way to get the easier access to both classic and the latest titles

The players want to keep the game with them as long as they want to and at a reasonable price.

If the player got a game which he does not want to play or he finds it an unpleasant game he should be given the full right to replace the game with spending no extra money.

The players receive their favorite video games at their door step and they do not have to go to the video game rental store.

The players should be given the choice to see the other game reviews, their ratings and feed back so that other gamers can be aware of the bad game and do not waste the time on the game he never wanted.

The players are given considerable discount while they purchase used games.

A Rewarding Career In Video Game Design Awaits You

Many people who have a passion for playing video games dream of someday being able to make their own. If you are particularly adept with computers, this might be an entirely feasible career. However, you must keep in mind that a career in video game design is not something that happens overnight and your first job probably won’t be working on the Playstation 4. But if you have the proper dedication and talent, a rewarding career in video game design could be yours.

Most video game designers started out by making their own video games from home. Most start with creating a very basic video game and then slowly work towards more and more complex games. It is fairly unlikely that you first video game will end up making you a millionaire but the experience that you will gain from hands on experience will prove invaluable in the future. A good way to start and to get constructive criticism is to debut your video game to your video game loving friends. Make sure that they are giving their honest opinions because that is the only way you will be able to improve your skills in video game design.

There are a few things to consider when attempting to obtain a job in video game design. A plague of many designers is that many are not able to put the finishing touches on the game and therefore never have a complete product to show to potential employers. Walking into an interview with a complete video game in your hand will certainly prove to the potential employer that you are worthy to work with their company. Employers like being able to tell right away that the applicant is able to see a job from the planning stages right up to the final edition of the game.

Depending on your skill level and also your connections within the industry, you could earn a very comfortable salary from the lucrative business of video game design. If you keep improving your skills, working hard and garnering new ideas, there is no limit to the amount of success that can be obtained. This is a booming industry that keeps growing and growing each and every year. New jobs are created daily, but the number of people interested in these types of jobs is also increasing quite quickly. That means that the competition for the higher level jobs can be a little tough. But with enough dedication, you can soon be making the money you’ve always wanted by doing what you love.

On a larger scale, there are also many different types of positions when it comes to video game design. There are junior and senior programmers, tools programmers, hardware engineers or even network programmers. Depending on what area you excel, you can find the job that perfectly suits your talents. Just like any other industry, most newcomers will have to start at the bottom but if you have what it takes, you could be in charge of a fleet of programmers in only a few years. Video game design is a very complex and competitive world. If that is what you truly want to do with you life, then you should not let anything get in your way. Just remember to start off small and build your reputation. A rewarding career in video game design will follow.

Video Game Rentals – The Future Of Video Game Renting

Video game rentals have always been a great way for gamers to enjoy a variety of games without forking out major cash to do so. For many years, video game fanatics have enjoyed the ability to test out their reputable games before they make that commitment to purchase. With new developments emerging within the online video game rental arena, such online services like GameFly and Gottaplay have been providing even more trouble-free way of testing out a variety of video games. We will take a closer look at these services below.

GameFly – The First Video Game Rental Company Emerges

GameFly is the very first online video game renting provider to step out on the scene as of early 2003. This company established its presence due to the lack of classic and newer release video game titles that were absent from many of the brick-and-mortar type companies (Blockbuster & Hollywood Video) found within your local area. The founders of GameFly Sean Spector and Jung Suh were very frustrated with the lack of choice, quality, and selection displayed from these video establishments. This led them to search online where they could not find anyone serving the online video game market. Shortly thereafter, both founders decided to leave their full time jobs to pursue their dreams with their very own web based video game rental service. This innovation has changed video game rentals as we know it today.

Renting Video Games Made Easy

GameFly has always followed the beliefs of the majority of video gamers around the world. This belief system was formed during the inception of GameFly and still stands strong today as the backbone structure for all other online video game renting services. This structure is contains the following:

Gamers need easy access to both classic and newer titles within one company.

Gamers want to have the choice of keeping a game for as long as they want for a reasonable rate.

Gamers do not want to spend their money on bad games and should have the choice to send these games back without spending more money.

Gamers like the ability to receive their favorite video games to their home address without making another trip to the local rental store.

Gamers should have the option to view other gamer reviews, ratings, and comments as to avoid wasting their time on bad games.

Gamers should be able to purchase high-quality used games with significant discounts off the retain pricing.

Setting the Standard for Online Video Game Rental Companies

Ever since the GameFly established its presence within the online game rental marketplace, many have followed in their footsteps. Countless game rental companies have come and gone with the trends of the industry, but there are a few that plan to stay. Gottaplay Interactive Inc. is one of these companies. Gottaplay seems to be the only company in 2006 that has gained a lot of credibility and market share within this industry in such a short amount of time. This company is currently giving GameFly a run for its money, with over 2,500 visitors subscribing to the service monthly. They have spent over 18 months developing their premiere game distribution software and currently launching 1 distribution center a month at the beginning of 2006. Even though Gottaplay Interactive has not launched their commercial advertising yet, they plan to focus primarily on their word-of-mouth referrals and online presense for the next year.

Other video game rental businesses are following close behind with Intelliflix trailing a close third. This company has established their own genre within the rental realm by dabbling within the movie rental, game rental, and mature movie rental arena. Even though Intelliflix does not plan to take over the game rental industry, they do plan to offer families the ability to rent for all their household member entertainment needs within one established group. Customers will enjoy a wide variety of entertaining media from this company for years to come.

Video game rentals will always exist as long as there is a market for the industry, which we all know won’t be going away for at least the next century. Crack your fingers, grab a soda, and get situated in your favorite chair because there are a lot of video games to be played out there and with so many choices to choose from, the only hard part is, where to go.